Watch And Learn From Bad Drivers

Since making a regular journey every day, I joined the many drivers who have a daily commute. Around London, this can be a harrowing experience, especially for the newly qualified. Drivers soon forget their basic driving skills – Mirror, Signal, Maneouvere – opting for a racing style of driving instead.

Dangerous Driving

Weaving across lanes, driving erratically around roundabouts, squeezing in between cars without warning, ignoring road markings and not bothering to signal are some of the traits shown by the modern bad driver.

Caught On Camera

Since installing a dash cam in my car, I have many of these incidents recorded. I hope it can be used to show new, inexperienced driver the importance of driving considerately.

Live And Learn

This site makes use of real-life footage to highlight the dangers on the road. Fortunately, I have not witnessed any accidents happen in front of my eyes, but have seen the results of several accidents on my short daily commute.

Take care on the roads. It’s dangerous, and getting worse out there…


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